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Florida Hummingbirds?

separator Ruby-throated Hummingbird photo

Joann Writes from Crystal River, Florida...

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From: Joann
To: cfbw.com

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FirstName: Joann
LastName: *******
Enter your city : Crystal River, Citrus County, Florida
Enter your request : I was in S. Carolina some time ago and my friend
		     has many humming birds so I came home to pine
		     ridge and bought a feeder and the food put it up
		     about a month ago and I saw one bird and haven't
		     seen any more. She said she had hummers all day
		     every day. I said that cant be. Am I doing
		     something wrong or am I right when I to say its the
		     wrong time of year for them in Citrus County.
		     Florida. My father in Beverly Hills Doesn't have any
		     either, please help.  Thanks Joann


Dear Joann,

Don't feel bad. A friend of ours lives about 10 miles north of Titusville, Florida, and has them all year. I can't seem to attract them to a feeder, although I sometimes see them in the yard. Many people don't seem to have much luck with feeders, but see them on their flowering plants. The Ruby-throated Hummingbird lives in central Florida, almost all year round, and have many species pass through during migration twice a year.

I have talked with some knowledgeable folks, and the important thing is the yard and neighborhood. Because of their high metabolism, they don't waste time looking for new food sources. If they have found a reliable food source they will visit frequently.

If you have not done so, Consider planting plants and shrubs that are known hummingbird food sources that are native to Florida. The University of Florida has some excellent hummingbird information and feed plant lists at the following web site:


Also, check out this forum for comments from people in Central Florida that appear to know what they are writing about.


Please keep us posted on your hummingbird progress.

Thanks for visiting our web site and for your great question.


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